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At Clear Lake Farms, our mission serves two needs; delivering clean, naturally grown and sustainable foods to our community. Second, we work to educate and empower others to create "food independence" through their own food production.

With a large focus on production, we are in the first stages. We hope to be a destination for families to gather their own produce, while learning about small farming practices. 

In our second year, we donated over 450 pounds of food to the Brown County Food Shelf.

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We envision a community where no one is without the means to enjoy and benefit from fresh and natural produce. 

We also are passionate about education in agriculture. 

Our two year plan includes:

  • Growing produce with best land stewardship practices

  • Providing a surplus of produce to local organizations to redistribute to those in need

  • Offering a CSA model that engages people to harvest while showing them how to grow their own food as well. 

  • Offering virtual and hands-on learning for educators to facilitate through their lesson plans. These opportunities will be coordinated through alliances with MDE, USDA and the Minnesota State Northern Agricultural Center for Excellence. 

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